About Us

The Chellaram Diabetes Institute (CDI) is a Not-for-Profit Institute with the principal objective of creating a lasting IMPACT on Diabetes Care in India with its focus on Patient Care, Education, Research, Awareness and a systematically organized Rural Outreach Program. CDI operates a State-of-the-art Hospital in Pune - equipped to deal with

CDI's Academic Commitments

CDI's CME courses have so far reached out to over 7,000 practising doctors and its Diabetes Care programs have screened and treated more than 70,000 subjects. CDI has an increasing number of publications in peer reviewed medical journals. Its flagship patient education magazine, Diabetes Health, prints 240,000 copies annually.

CDI's 1st and 2nd International Diabetes Summit were a grand success with more than 3,800 delegates, 100 national faculty 24 international faculty,210 chairpersons and 70 researchers over the two events. CDI's 3rd International Diabetes Summit 2019 is part of CDI's effort to tackle the escalating problem of Diabetes in our midst. With the best-in-class Speakers from leading global Diabetes Institutions - accompanied by accomplished Indian experts - this conference would help bring the latest and the best practices in Diabetes care to Clinicians treating people with Diabetes. The institute is also accredited by the Maharashtra Medical Council for conducting CMEs.

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